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my name is Aida and I am the Founder of Briseis Beauty.

Struggling with my very dry and sensitive skin throughout my life was a challenge that I as many at some point accepted as the norm because I settled for whatever was there on the market assuming it is safe. I didn't value my skin's ever changing needs until I reached a point in my life where I could no longer do it.

During my entire pregnancy I was severely limited to "olive oil for everything" as my doctor told me how important is to stay on the safe side and stay away from all potentially harmful chemicals in skin, body, hair, oral care, to no nail polish or makeup, even laundry detergent had to be non toxic because I could end up inhaling it at a higher toxic level and through bloodstream it will get and affect the baby.


With my new sparked interest in holistic skincare I started researching everything that is around me and my family from a floor cleaner to food we eat and I completely changed my lifestyle and never looked back feeling and looking the best I've ever experienced and I created Briseis beauty for everyone to transform their lifestyle and have better options for their families as well. Bringing 50 curated all natural, 100% eco-friendly, affordable with a key focus on local, handcrafted in small batches brands that donate a portion of its profits back to the community is what we are passionate about.

Thank you for becoming a part of Briseis Beauty Community, 





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