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All-Natural Foot Care That Keeps A Dancer On His Toes

Hours and hours of leaping jumping and twirling puts an incredible amount of stress on a dancer’s foot, meaning an expert foot care routine is a dancers’ must. Of course, keeping your feet in good shape is an important part of overall health for anyone, and if you are looking to keep toxic chemicals out of your routine – especially if you are pregnant – it can be difficult to know where to start!

New York City dancer Nathan has shared the steps he takes to keep his feet at the height of perfection, and he assures us that these tips will work for us as well!

 “When I wake up in the morning, sometimes my ankles and calves are swollen from the day before, and I try to eliminate that, so the first thing I do is use a foot soak that contains cooling peppermint and magnesium to relax muscles” he says. “I try to stay away from harsh toxic chemicals, so I found this line by a small formulator in Chicago who uses more natural but super effective ingredients. Luckily they carry it at Briseis Beauty in NYC so I don’t have to have it shipped anymore. When you use a product multiple times a day you want to make sure it’s going to help and not harm you, and Pied by Ninni from Katarina Stetz is the best that I’ve found so far in my career. She actually customizes products so she does all of my facial skincare as well.”


Next, he breaks the soles of his specialty shoes and does his own sewing.

“I go through a ton of shoes and the worst thing is breaking them in every time. I try to protect my feet as much as I can” he says with a laugh.

However, because he clocks in an average of seven hours of dancing every day, blisters are unavoidable. His secret product? Mata Balm All-Purpose Herbal Healing Ointment, which helps protect and heal the skin as well as acts as an all natural topical analgesic with camphor and menthol. “This stuff is made in Thailand and I recommend it to everyone as an all-natural alternative to Tiger Balm. It really works better.”


Before bed every day, Nathan uses Pied by Ninni Foot Balms which come in Cool Peppermint or Hot Curcuma and that he says helps with muscle recovery and deeper sleep. “It’s so important to alternate hot and cold for muscle recovery, especially as a dancer,” he shares, “Heat can be comforting and relax the muscles, but cold really helps with healing and inflammation which is super important for injuries,” adding that the final foot treat he gives his tired toes is either a 20-minute hot foot bath with Pied by Ninni Hot Foot Salt  or a 20-minute iced foot bath with Pied by Ninni Cool Foot Salt.



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