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Are You A New Mom? Don’t Forget to Care for Yourself While You’re Nursing Your Baby

Pregnancy can cause some major, life-altering changes to your physical and mental health. It can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself when you’re so focused on giving your undivided attention to your bundle of joy.

But neglecting your own health can lead to you being even more frustrated and exhausted. Remind yourself to prioritize your mental and physical health. Even though the little time off you get from mommy duty, you might just want to use for a quick nap.

Slowly and steadily start to incorporate some skin and hair care essential practices so you can start looking and feeling your best.

What can happen to your body?

It seems almost unbelievable how different your body feels. Your hair starts to lose its sheen and fall out, but will eventually grow back if you take care of it. Your skin type changes and becomes almost too confusing to handle. Is it oily is it dry? Some women also get acne on various parts of their body and face.

While this sounds overwhelming to read, remind yourself it is temporary and with proper care and a positive outlook you will be able to feel beautiful in your own skin again. Be patient with your body, because it has been through a lot and be kind to yourself and your progress.

Where can you start?

Cleanse and moisturize

The basics! You might not be going out much or wearing a lot of make-up, but your skin still needs a refresher. Don’t forget to cleanse with a gentle cleanser that will let your skin breathe. Quick mom hack: Don’t have time to wash and dry your face, simply wipe off the cleanser with a tissue or a wipe. Do moisturize your skin after with a suitable product.

Keep drinking lots of water

This is as important in the post-partum phase as when you’re pregnant. Staying hydrated and eating well will help your body bounce back and restore healthy nutrients and minerals. Apply oil on your skin after showering. Your body loses a lot of water and it impacts the skin first and foremost.

Use healthy products

If you’re nursing your baby, remember that everything you eat and apply to your skin, your baby is in contact with them as well. Not to mention your breast also go through a lot of changes. Try to use safe and organic products which are chemical and cruelty free. Try our hand crafted Mom Breast Balm only for $22 made specially to provide relief to nursing moms.

Browse through the Briseis Beauty website to purchase more cruelty-free and vegan skincare products such as Haitian Castor oil! Begin your journey to restoring your beautiful body with us at Briseis Beauty.



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