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Aromatherapy For Your Baby: Should You Do It?

Being a new mom is exciting and scary, but one of the things you will look forward to the most is your bond with the baby. There is a lot of anxiety in the first few months about how to best take care of your child. Several new moms are using essential oils in aromatherapy during pregnancy as well to relieve stress and for its other benefits.

Let’s explore the true nature of this practice so you can decide if you want to introduce it to your baby.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is not a new concept, nor is it one of the fads that come and go. It has been around for a very long time and various practitioners have used it as a healing mechanism as well. It’s a practice which breaks the binaries between disciplines like art and science because it is considered to be both. It uses organic products extracted from plants, to promote overall wellbeing and health by introducing different scents and smells to make someone feel better.

How can you use essential oils in aromatherapy?

One of the things used in aromatherapy extensively and primarily are essential oils.

There are many diverse kinds of essential oils that can be used to heighten the sense of smell and improve absorption in the skin. It’s best to introduce it to babies older than three months.

Some other products used in aromatherapy regularly are bathing salts, diffusers, aromatic mists, inhalers, and other lotions. Find this bed time baby mist on our online store for only $16!

Here are some of the benefits of using aromatherapy for your child.

  • You can use it by mixing a few drops in a complementary carrier oil such as coconut oil while massaging your baby before a bath. The best kind of oil for babies is lavender scented as it is both gentle and least reactive.
  • You can also add a few drops during bath time in the water.
  • When you baby starts teething, take an ice-cube, wrap it in a towel and put one drop of essential oil to soothe teething pain. You can use chamomile oil for this.
  • You can place one to two drops on a tissue and place it near your baby when you feed them. This will help them associate fulfillment and relaxation with that smell and can also help you train your baby to fall asleep.

You can use aromatherapy in the following scenarios

To calm down an irritable baby

There will be many sleepless nights, for both you and the baby! When your baby doesn’t seem to be hungry, tired and can’t be soothed, try this. Use a very sparing amount on your shoulder while you rock the baby.

You can also place a drop on the baby’s pillow to help them sleep better and longer at night.

To relieve gases

Babies can often get an upset stomach or be unable to digest properly. Massaging the baby’s belly slowly with chamomile oil mixed with almond oil can help relieve bubbles and gas in the stomach. You can even do this to pregnant mommies!

Treat a cold

A cold or cough or even a preconceived stuffy nose can be treated with a drop of eucalyptus oil. You can use it in a diffuser and place it where your child sleeps.

Remember to be mindful of the dosage of an essential oil. Check out our mama and baby care products for more essential and beauty oils. 



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