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How A Therapeutic Bath Can Melt Your Worries Away

Let us guess, you had a tough day at work and your back muscles are sore from all the tension you’ve been holding in all day? Excessive stress can affect your health and harm your body as well as your mind.

However, there’s only so much time we can take out from our busy schedules to indulge in activities that can help us relieve stress. Are you wondering what the easiest thing you can do to relieve stress at home is? Draw up a hot, therapeutic bath!

Take a look at how drawing a warm bath can help you de-stress—it’s something not even Chandler Bing could refuse!

The link between a hot bath and stress

Imagine getting into a tub of hot water and having all your worries washed away. A hot water bath can help relieve stress as the warmth relaxes your muscles. In fact, a hot bath is so effective that the Japanese have been using it for centuries as part of their daily routines.

A hot bath can also relieve the symptoms of stress by allowing the contracted muscles to expand, which results in pain reduction. The muscles can relax in the water so that the pain in discomforted joints, muscles, and bones is remedied instantly.

In addition to that, when our skin comes in touch with soothing warm water, our body releases endorphins that are also called the ‘feel-good’ chemicals. Other than that, a warm bath improves your breathing by allowing you to breathe in and out slowly, so you can calm your nerves.


Research has also shown that many people who suffer from chronic illness or have depression experienced physical and emotional comfort and contentment when they took hot baths regularly.

How to draw the perfect therapeutic bath

Anyone can hop in a hot tub and jump out, but that’s not what makes it therapeutic. Take a look at how you can draw a therapeutic bath for yourself after a hard day at work.

Create a relaxing scene and get the temperature right

Dim the lights and prop up a few scented candles with relaxing aromas that can help calm your nerves. You can opt for lemongrass, jasmine, rosemary, eucalyptus or spearmint essential oils to help you relax.

The temperature of the bath should be close to your body’s or a few degrees above it. If the water is too hot, it can leave your skin dry and chapped.

Add bath essentials  

Add essential oils, bath salts, herbs, and natural clays to the mix to make it all the more relaxing.

You can add lavender bath salts, peppermint detox bath salt, and rose-scented bath salts to eliminate toxins from your skin. You can also opt for a jasmine chai mineral bath tea soak that’s infused with organic oils and extracts.  

In addition to that, you can exfoliate gently using organic sugar cubes in coffee flavor for more nourished skin. Not only will these elements calm you down but they will also leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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