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Perfect Pupper Care: 5 Essentials You Need to Keep Your Dog Clean and Happy

The booming pet industry itself is indicative of the increasing numbers of dog ownership statistics. Almost 65% of the population comprises of pet owners with 77.8 million dogs as one of the most popular pet choices.

Bringing a puppy home is easily one of the most joyous days in someone’s life but it comes with a lot of responsibility. While a dog means you have a companion for as long as they live, it also means you need to take care of it.

Grooming your dog and keeping it clean is one way to make sure it’s happy and healthy. You should know how often to wash your dog and more importantly, what products you use.

Use Organic Shampoo for Healthy Skin

Puppies are playful and if you have a backyard, you’ll find some dogs eager to play outside and get dirty more often. Cleaning your dog enough to make sure they don’t catch harmful bacteria that irritates their skin is very important. You need to find a way to strike a balance. It’s important to use tear-free, and paraben-free products like our 2 in 1 dog shampoo and conditioner which is ideal for dogs that have sensitive skin.

Brushing the coat

If your dog has a coat with longer hair, you should brush it every day to detangle the knots in the hair. Regular brushing can help them attract less dirt, which invariably means fewer baths and reduced time spent on grooming them. Dogs with a short-hair coat can benefit from weekly brushing as well.

Make sure you are using a brush which is prescribed by a vet and is most suitable for your dog so your pet can enjoy the grooming experience as well. If the hair is long, consider trimming the hair a bit to keep it from tangling and getting matt.

Use the right detergent for all bedding

Keeping your dog’s bedding clean is important as well. That’s where they sleep at the end of the day and using regular detergent can be harmful for the dog. Use a laundry detergent which is made especially for dogs so they can feel comfortable while they rest. Our Natural Pet Laundry Detergent is only for $16.5 and also doubles as a natural insect repellant.


Get their teeth cleaned

Dental care for dogs is just as important as it is for us! Use toothpaste made especially for dogs and brush their teeth. Don’t wait for a professional cleaning by the vet. Dogs can get bad smelling breath very easily and it’s important to keep checking their mouth for excess plaque and bleeding gums.  


Keeping Fleas at bay

Dogs are curious creatures. If your dog loves to go exploring and return with plenty of fleas and ticks, use preventative measures. These will help protect your pet from pesky pests. Don’t restrict your dog from going outside because outdoor activity can be good for them. Instead use a flea and tick repellant to keep them safe from bug bites. For dogs that are 12 weeks of age and older, we offer the essential oil blend repellent available in different scents!

Make puppy pedicures a thing with paw protection

Trim your dog’s nails every four weeks to help them stay comfortable. Long nails can unintentionally end up hurting you or any children in your home. Take your puppy for a professional clipping and ask the vet to teach you how to do it so you can do it yourself next time.

Another neglected part of puppy care are their paws! With our paw pad protection wax you can protect their paws and keep them safe from any allergens as well. You can buy it on our store online for only $18.

Dogs have special nail clippers for their nails. Grooming your own dog is an essential part of the bonding experience, do it right!

Dogs are prone to causing accidents and removing them using products which are harmful can do more harm than good. We also offer an odor and stain remover for only $16.50!



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