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Stop Ignoring Your Beard! A Public Service Message

You may have embraced No-Shave November at some point and grown a beard, which makes you feel hipster and manly, but a beard is no good if you don’t invest some time in self-care as well!

A beard adds a lot of character and can transform your overall look, but if you neglect your beard, you might be making yourself more prone to certain infections and a range of skin problems. Why ruin a perfectly good beard when you can look stylish and feel classy by taking care of your beard?

Here are all the things you can avoid if you spend a little more time showing yourself some extra TLC, using the right products.

Irritated skin and itching

When you start growing a beard out, you might experience irritated skin because the new hair is sharp, and you’re not used to it. Moreover, the hair starts to collect the dead skin that sheds from your face each morning. Dead skin cells and other particles caught in the beard can cause itching and irritated skin.

What you can do: Make sure you’re cleaning your beard with a special beard shampoo and not just the same product you use for your hair and face. It’s important to get in there and scrub the skin underneath the beard as well, but with a product that suits both, the hair and the skin.

Also condition your beard to make it softer and easier to maintain. Conditioning helps to restore the natural oils into your skin and facial hair, which soaps and other harsh products can strip away easily.

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Hair that grows inwards

Ingrown hair is very common, especially with those who have curly hair. The hair starts to grow initially but can curl back into the skin and this causes red bumps on the skin. The skin becomes inflamed and some ingrown hair can actually be painful as well.

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Most often, using a razor to shave off hair against the growth can cause ingrown hair. Even if you have a beard and don’t shave every day, it’s necessary for you to shave your neck to groom your beard.

What you can do: You need to buy razors that don’t lift the hair when you shave or use a shave guard if you have an electric razor. You can also make sure you massage your beard hair with oil before you shower and shave only after showering so your hair is well-oiled. Using oil also stimulates the follicles and reduces the chances of them bending inward.

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