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The Ideal Post-Workout Glow: Taking Care of Your Skin after a Heavy Workout

Having a fitness regime that boosts your morale and health is super important. But while you’re taking care of your muscles and heart rate by running, lifting weights, yoga or even swimming, don’t skip out on skincare. 

Taking care of your skin after a workout should be regimented into your daily tasks or whenever you work out. This is because while the sweat is great to release toxins from the skin and gives you a healthy glow, it can also cause skin problems. Open pores are more receptive to the bacteria in the environment.

Here are some steps to start off your post-workout skincare regime on the right foot.

Cleanse your skin gently

Use a gentle cleanser on the skin to take care of the toxins that are released from the skin. Touching equipment in the gym and then touching your face can also cause bacteria to make its way to your skin and cause it to breakout.

You should avoid exfoliating immediately after working out as it can cause your skin to react or become drier. Gentle cleansers help to restore the natural pH levels in your skin.

Try the Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser Trial Kit for only $29, which removes fine dust and harmful substances and improves blood circulation.

If you’re always on the go, you can also try the Sakura Peeling Radiance Pads, which tone, cleanse and brighten the skin and are easy to use post-workout.

Never forget to moisturize

When you sweat, your body loses some traces of water as well. Along with drinking plenty of water and maybe your favorite smoothie to stay hydrated, you need to restore moisture back to your skin as well. Opt for a moisturizer which suits your type of skin the most. For example, for dry skin it’s better to use oil-based moisturizers and oily skin would absorb gel-based moisturizers better.

Essential oils to calm your skin

You might feel flushed and your skin emits a lot of heat after a workout. To calm your skin down so it doesn’t end up breaking out, you can use essential oils. You can apply them directly to your face and skin or you can even add a drop on a cool, damp, washcloth and place it on your face to relieve the skin.

Our Organic Jasmine and Rose Floral Mist is the perfect blend of soothing aloe and refreshing rose water for a post-workout cooldown.

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