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What’s Your Skin Type? Choose Your Skincare Routine Accordingly

Welcome to skin care 101! Knowing your skin type is crucial to beginning your skincare journey. You could have access to the best products in the world but if you’re using the ones which are inappropriate for your skin you’re kind of stuck, aren’t you?

Also, your skin type can change over the course of your life due to several reasons. Hormonal changes in body due to pregnancy, puberty and skin irritations cause by environmental factors can take a toll on your skin.

There is no ‘normal’ skin type or one that everyone should aspire to. Whatever makes your skin feel and look the healthiest should be the course of action for you. Generally, there are four broad categories of skin types. It is not necessary for you to strictly to adhere to only one of them. Lots of people have characteristics from different properties.

Here’s how you can tell.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin often experience flakiness around the mouth and cheeks. It also feels tight all the time like something is pulling at your skin constantly. You need to moisturize regularly with a thicker moisturizer and use a gentle cleanser which doesn’t strip away the natural oils of your face.

There are a lot of factors other than your genetics which can cause dry skin. Cold weather, high caffeine intake, lack of water in the body also causes dry skin.  

Combination skin

People with this kind of skin are generally not prone to getting acne around the cheeks because that is the part which is dry. They need a moisturizer which can help restore moisturizer to the cheeks but keep the t-zone balanced. The T-zone is the forehead and the bridge of the nose. The best kind of moisturizers are gel-based ones which can be absorbed quickly.

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, you are more prone to getting acne due to clogged pores. You need to exfoliate more regularly to avoid build-up. This kind of skin type is more likely to stay younger for longer because it stays supple for longer. However, it can get hyper pigmentation and cause discoloration. For a more even skin tone and to return a natural glow, use a water-based sun block.

Sensitive skin

You have to tread lightly if you have sensitive skin. Your skin is more reactive and can get irritated easily. Always test your products out and take note of ingredients that can cause your skin to react or event break out.

The best kind of products for you to use are vegan and organic brands. Organic products don’t contain chemicals and preservatives which cause irritations the most.

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